Why cheaper e-liquid can be more expensive

Why cheaper e-liquid can be more expensive.

We do everything we can at ADVape to ensure your vaping experience is a good one.  More and more e-liquid is appearing on the market at very cheap prices.  We have about as much chance selling at these prices as they do selling at our quality.

This article is not trying  to rubbish e-liquid that is cheaper than ours but it is all about cost. Cost to your health, equipment, experience, your pocket and enjoyment.

Health has to be the number one reason why poor liquid should be avoided.  All our products are tested and conform with EU/UK regulations and are all made to pharmaceutical grade. Some cheaper liquids do not and use much lower grade nicotine, e.g pesticide grade. Lower grade propylene and glycerine are also available, just ask a farmer or a heating engineer.  Some bottles list no ingredients or sometimes additional ingredients, please be wary of these.  how many times do you read about what should and shouldn’t be used in flavourings?  We do and always will remove any known substance that may cause problems.  No Diketone, Diacetyl, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl or refined sugars.

Have you ever wondered why your coils clog up quickly, your juice is as hard to suck up as a thick milkshake?  If you buy reputable coils and equipment, why are they misbehaving?  It is more likely that poor liquid is the fault.  isn’t this interfering with what should be an enjoyable experience?  Small wonder why so many quit because they cant get to grips with it in the first place and end up back on the cigs.  I know that we love a bargain and I spent a small fortune in the first 3 months of vaping because of cheap products.

Like my Gran used to say “If it looks to good to be true, it probably is”.

Now that I have finished for this month, I plan to sit down now, put my feet up and deliberate over my next ADVape flavour. 🙂

Dave (ADVape Editor)




Wrong Labelling of eliquid

solutions under CLP (Regulation 1272/2008)

We make no apology for the way we brand our labels and will continue to do so for the present. Some of the toxic warnings and symbols are to say the least “Extreme and inaccurate”, We were led to believe that this was a requirement of law but that has now changed. We will always use childproof bottles and sensible precautions. If any of you have been scared or mislead by our labels, please read the summary underneath. For me personally, it is nice to know that e liquid is about as toxic as washing up liquid instead of a potentially fatal cocktail that is being sold to inhale.

Summary: European officials have been wrongly labelling e-liquid as extremely toxic. This is the view of ECITA, based on a report by toxicology consultants which has been verified by Professors Riccardo Polosa and Bernd Mayer, and Dr Jacques Le Houezec. The civil servants had been misclassifying e-liquid as either a CLP category 2 product, alongside strychnine, or a category 3 product, alongside formaldehyde. The new report demonstrates that the acute oral and dermal toxic hazards of the strongest consumer e-liquids only merit being classed as category 4 – along with washing-up liquid – while the vast majority of e-liquid (which has nicotine concentrations below 25mg/ml or 2.5%) does not require any type of formal hazard warning.