New to vaping or tried but wasn’t happy?

If you fall into one of the above categories, this information might be helpful.

Vaping is simply an alternative to smoking tobacco but not having to worry about the tar and 4,000 plus chemicals found in a cigarette.  Most people who choose to vape, want to stop smoking cigarettes because the cost, monetary or health, is too much. Vaping should be an enjoyable experience and with the amount of flavours on offer, it makes sense to at least give it a try.

Many people I know, who have given vaping a fair try, often succeed in stopping smoking immediately. I also know that for some, vaping has been nothing but trouble and they are soon back on the analogs (cigarettes). If you want to avoid leaking, gurgling atomisers, liquid all over your hands, or in your mouth and worst of all, finding yourself with broken equipment and a craving for nicotine, you only have to follow some simple rules.

Do not buy cheap inferior equipment, it will cost a fortune in replacing substandard junk! You can easily buy good and reliable sets from a number of well known manufacturers for the price of less than 5 packets of cigs. You can avoid problems by  keeping your atomiser topped up but never overfilling. Gurgles can occur if you get liquid in the wrong places, so please read the section on maintaining your equipment.

Buying good e liquid that satisfies your taste and craving is just as important. If you’re vaping gives you headaches your probably on too high a strength. If you don’t feel like you are getting enough, you might need to increase. Experiment with different flavours until you find what you like most. Never compromise a great vaping experience by purchasing cheap e liquid. At ADVape, we sell top quality liquid at competitive prices.